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You are spending money to get a spot that drives traffic. If along the way we end up with a spot that fits all those adjectives – even better. But we want the spot to work, so you’re happy and come back to us again next time you need something done.

Looking for a creative spot to reinforce your image? We can do it. Need well written medium-sell audio for a tv spot done by a believable voice? No problem. A hard-sell screamer spot? We do them for car dealers all across the country.

Over nearly 20 years, thousands of spots have rolled off the line here at Longtrain Productions. All hand-built to client specs. What can we do for YOU today?

Weather we are a live or taped segment you can rest assured we provide the most advance equipment to ensure the project is done right. Providing 4K cameras in our productions we can provide that soft look or a digital clarity that fits our clients need.

Check out our work on the Blend TV app that can be downloaded via any app store and available on Roku and Amazon Firestick. You can watch the Press conference and see that Ace Media Broadcasting will be listed at one of the only companies worldwide that will be covering this

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