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Total Value Production

We can produce, design and accommodate almost any type of production that is required within our space. Using specialized NDI cameras, lighting and on site construction of set designs, we are able to keep your production within budget. Parking for about 100 cars and loading docks for equipment delivery. Our facility is ready and willing to make your project a success.

News & Sports Commentary

Our facility is for broadcasting and television show creations that can quickly develop a live set to be used live or taped with a magical feel that captures the audience and gains recognition without breaking the bank. Providing a look and feel that is completely professional and ready to showcase upon completion of the show. VOD library can storage shows for immediate download or connection to sending or push/pull requirements.

Getting Distribution

Our plaform allows us to place content into our various channels that we own and operate. This makes for a perfect solution to bring your project to us and allow us to help place this on our network. Providing a variety of options for revenue sharing to purchasing a time slot. We work with people in a way that makes everyone comfortable and excited.


We provide a professional sound stage that is coupled with all the studio features like, hair and make-up, private lounge, multiple work stations, conference room, production rooms and private areas throughout the facility that will meet any production requirements.