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Our Broadcast Expansion Leads To More Events Aired To Fans Who Never Had Opportunity Before!

by Ace Media Broadcasting News February 2016 20:00 3 comments


College Sports Now Turning More Heads

Major universities are now seeing the light of advertising Alumni and parents as viewers expand into millions. .

February 2016

Charity Events Brings Live Donations

The largest charity events are now very interested in our streaming, but loving the live donations they are getting globally.

February 2016

Music Concert Line Grows to New Dimension

Major concerts are now selling additional tickets through our pay-per-view streaming broadcasts.

February 2016

We are capitalizing on markets that don't get coverage and are experiencing a hurddle when approaching networks. We offer a full television broadcast either through our live event streaming website for live coverage, as well as our IPTV network that is a broadcast network of channels on a subscription based service. Similar to Cable or Satelite TV. Just true HD as everyone should know, broadcast microwaves can't do more then 720. Streaming can go as high as needed. .

Through our two divisions, we can offer global coverage through the best advances and compression to target audiences through television and all mobile devices. With the way the world is turning, streaming is more available then television is. To set a quick understanding, placement is far less expensive and advertising comes with real time data and marketing. You can even target your specific audience and maximize your ROI.

Our streaming site is a resource that offers a variety of events from Charities and Gala's to sporting and olympic coverage. A great example is when watching a network coverage, you can be watching something that interest you and they switch to another event. Or they don't cover that particular event? What do you do if your firned or family is trying to watch and the network does cover it. How will you be able to see it? Answer is Ace Media Broadcasting Network.


We have the multiple trucks and multiple streaming capaibility to handle the event or multiple events at the same location. This is all submitted to one easy to use location.

Adding the elements of instant reply, sponsor banners, and advertising graphics to the broadcast, makes a huge impact on your program. We deliver a complete package for a reasonable production fee that will bring value to any event.

With our mobile trucks and broadcast tables, we add alot of value to your event. Our trucks come with our own internet streaming center that will handle any event without the need of a connection. This is where we triumph over others and became the most recognized and requested company for live streaming anywhere in North America. We are growing and offering specialized packages that meet your budget.

With our newest advances in technology, we are now connecting people through video and skype to the broadcast. Now interviews can take callers in video format that adds that social interaction to the feed. Viewers can now be placed on screen so host or guest can see the person, speak to the person and have a complete social intereaction that fans are loving!

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  1. #1 Ace Media BroadcastingAuthor February 2016, 12:37

    We are working on obtaining more college sports and are ready to cover them. However is the college and allowing us the license rights to cover them. However we are working on it

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    • John Jacobs February 2016, 12:37

      I think what you are doing is fanstastic. I am handicapped and not easy for me to attend games or events, but now I am not missing being able to watch and getting to see what I would have missed if not attending. I would like to see more college events cause I have kids attending universities but not playing football. What about other sports like field hockey, gymnastics, or even cheerleading. I have girls.

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  2. #2 Ace Media BroadcastingAuthor February 2016, 12:37

    Please give us feedback as to how you like the services offered and what you would like to see. We what to bring you the events that are getting the most buzz.

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