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Hello Filming People of Arizona! It is time for an opportunity for the entire community to be a part of something amazing. Ace Media Broadcasting is a fully function broadcast company that airs to over 195 countries in a platform that competes with Cox, Comcast, Time Warner and others. We produce network channels that are what the public demands. Offering multiple channels and now creating another channel called Ace Network. We have a solid deal with advertisers and looking to allow creative minds to help develop and produce shows to present to our advertisers, sponsors and global partners to release new shows and concepts. This is where you come in! Never in history has a network made such an offer to revenue share on content created. Normally you pitch your pilots and hope that you are chosen. In this case, we are wanting to create a powerful community of sharing and allowing you to make content, place on our networks and get revenue for your hard work.

As a filming community, we have no tax credits here so it makes it very difficult to find investors or Hollywood film makers to come here and as a community, we all struggle. We get hundreds of emails from people outlining their desire to work or intern with us. However, we did a little brainstorming and developed this new concept where everyone who joins us, can potentially get a IMDB credit, get noticed for content created, reach 195 countries and clearly can actually make money doing this in Arizona. Like it so far? Well it is simply using everyone in the film and television world in Arizona to join forces and work as a team on multiple projects. Everyone helping everyone to produce shows, documentaries, talk shows, live events and so much more.

What is Ace Media Broadcasting prepared to do? We currently are operating and selling our subscription based service around the global. We plan to capitalize on using a collective group of people to create high demanded content. We can place this content into our channel line up to provide a time slot, EPG guide and of course add commercials. We provide you with the guidelines for making a show with intro times, amount of commercial space needed to make a 30 or 60 minute show. Documentaries under 2 hours to allow us to add markers for commercials to make it a full hour or 2 hour slot.

If shows produce and submitted have a great concept or gain attraction from viewers but don’t have that real professional look, we will allow you and your team to come to our studio and use our equipment to improve on the quality of the show. This will require you to organize a team. We will let you potentially use our top equipment and improve the contents over all look and feel. Imagine using equipment that you could not afford, having the ability to use the faster editing computers or cameras that clearly may be out of your price range to use at your disposal.

The idea is simple, we have the power to launch you into a new dimension and boost your name into the world as well as work together to achieve a successful and attractive content platform that viewers globally want to watch.

Reasons for the Interest?

Working directly with the United Nations and the official broadcast entity for the Earthday 50 Live. A 24 Hour concert that has received 5 World Records for Most views and did previous contents like Live Aide, Farm Aide and We Are the World. Now you ask, what does this mean for you? It means that in a short time as the only broadcaster with 24 hour rights, we will potentially have 3.5 Billion people watching with Covid keeping people at home. This many subscribers means they will be purchasing the subscription to watch the concert, however, they have the subscription for a month. Imagine if all these people started viewing new channels before the concert or afterwards. Now enjoying shows that they never knew about and keep the subscription due to the content you helped create. Making Arizona a new kind of Hollywood. Second with Hollywood closed till March of 2021. We have a chance to capture viewers, get them interested and addicted to our content making it hard to return to the other channels previous watched on other platforms. This means advertisers and marketing people will also be watching and seeing the volumes of people now watching, posting their love for the content on social media which translates to advertising dollars, that we at Ace Media Broadcasting, allows you to participate with in a revenue sharing program and earn more money than expected.

Ace Media Broadcasting is an Arizona Based company that has 30 years of experience in the film and television world. Producing content from 76 Hollywood movies, over 1500 commercials globally, years of television shows that aired on national broadcasting companies. Now we have our own channels that are in high demand. We have chosen to simply harvest our content to our own platform. Accepting national and international channels as well, making it a very interesting attraction to viewers seeking unique content and not the traditional channels and shows that have slightly run it’s course and not keeping the viewers as happy.

We offer this new trail for joining our amazing network channel and working with our great filming community of Arizona to rise in the time of Covid. More importantly providing people with entertainment that is clearly better than only news channels since there really is no other content being made.

The question to ask yourself is: Is it better to try with an international company already operating with advertisers who are offering this opportunity OR try to continue seeking investors, trying to pitch shows through YouTube who censor content and block videos? The correct answer is, it is a simple way to become recognized. America’s Got Talent has huge auditions to find a handful of people. We are taking everyone and offering the stage for a chance at the entire audience. This offer is a limited offer. It is a test for us as well and have placed a time limit on submissions and participation from people.

A final thought, this is a concept we are trying, but as a network in our community, it is time for us to work together to create positive entertainment that can be viewed by millions of people. This will bring Arizona to the forefront of content delivery. A place where you and your team can make a difference as well as get the recognition desired from being a content creator on a television network that already as all the credentials for 30 years.

In closing, we want to work with our film community people and allow the world to see the talent while earning more than just a paycheck. We are willing to try this and in some cases, allow you to use our studio, equipment, ultra-fast editing systems, voiceover areas, and get a quality look and feel.



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