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In negotiation with Universities For Additional Sports Coverage - Club Hockey Looks Promising to Start!

After mmeeting with top university people and hockey alumni this past month, we presented our live broadcast coverage proposal. The proposal came with an amazing response as their was extremely high interest to boost the school and program to a main stream through a unique broadcast opportunity. Sources outlined that they certainly want the coverage and really liked seeing the abilities, sponsors and attention that each school would receive. There is strong possibility to begin coverage in the new year with a few meetings and a final contract for a term from one or both schools.

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We Are Offering OTT TV Services To Our Viewers. Get You Own Spot or Channel For Airing in Rotation!

In 2016 we will be offering a complete new network for subscriber based television service. This will come with standard channels, premium channels and of course unique channel not seen anywhere. Because the internet is not govened by FCC regulation, we are able to create channels of 24-7 programming on our network allowing people to purchase a channel and add content to it. This will also include other network like HBO, Showtime, ESPN and many others. Making this the best network to purchase. The best part is the cost factor, by allowing you to pick and choose your own channels and build you own bill. That is what people having been asking for and we are clearly listening!

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We will help promote your music Events

We will offer specialized pricing for promoting concerts when you allow us to use your music for our broadcasted events. We are always looking for musicians to support us by giving music tracks that we can use. We may even broadcast your concert. It's quick and easy to get heard with Ace Media Broadcasting!

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We are more then just a broadcast company. We produce commercials that can be used during broadcast, the 5 second and 15 second ads that run before most youtube videos begin their featured video. We provide a series of multimedia services that can benefit your product or service to a new height. We can even provide radio commercials and website design with RSS, RMPT and Direct live event feeds. The power of choice is in your hands, we just provide the technology to put it there.


We are producing our own content to show the world that we are not just filming people and allowing content to be seen. We are adding the element of creating content and providing content to various television entworks to improve viewers and overall content. We will be positing our upcoming shows on the a page soon!

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Corporate Trailers - The New Hot Thing

Presenting products and services in a movie trailer fashion is capturing the eyes of viewers. Using Special effects and movie magic to create a video that viewers can't stop watching is clearly the new thing. For more information on this, please visit our website or call a sale representative for a complete break down. We will come to your location or clients can come to our studio and make it happen!.

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Content: Creating Your TV Show

We are helping develop many new shows for people to air on a vareity of different platforms. Do you have a concept with a budget? If so, give us a call. .

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Get The Best Bang For Your Buck Here!

Because this is streaming, pricing has never been more affordable. We are offering package deals for massive exposure to millions of people. You can't afford not to listen to our offer and see huge poential in branding and exposure for any product or service to viewers. Get more information by emailing us for a complete package and sponsorship placement. Now is the time to advertise!

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Top Companies Offering To Promote Products On Certain Stream Feeds - This Means Revenue For Events We Stream!

In a negotiation with top companies, we presented a plan to revitalize the marketing platform and structure in a positive and targeted marketing plan. This will be adopted into the 2016 season lineup of events and OTT Services. Huge for content providers!

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Friends of the corporate world now helping.

Presenting these options, the corporate giants are seeing the potential in young viewers & branding..

February 2015

New Interview Stream Cast

Now taking people by web cam to connect to interviews for global exposure. Calls now are interactive.

February 2015

New Mobile Truck Looks to X-Games

We will be traveling and streaming more X-Games with behind the scenes coverage that TV can't do!

February 2015