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Historical Concert - 24 hours live

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Earth Day 50 Live is a catalytic event for the care, protection and defense of the environment and the Earth. Crossing all cultures, time-zones and musical genres, ED50 Live – CCC is a global, multi-city music and celebrity-driven grassroots, interactive, benefit concert and invitation to billions of people, to participate in what may well become the most vital, live, multimedia and broadcast A crucially-timed global event of all time!. The 50th year anniversay of Earthday and Doug Ivanovich who has captured the massive world audience with Live Aide, Farm Aide, We are the World, and the past 35 years of the largest concerts with the biggest bands in the world. Ace Media Broadcasting is working as an official license right of the concert for the full 24 hours and VOD services.

An All-Star cast of bands, music artists and entertainers will perform Pop, Rock, Urban, Latin, R&B, EDM, Jazz, African, Country, Folk and international music for ED50 Live-CCC. All artists’ expenses will be paid, but can also take a tax-deduction when performing for discounted rates. Artists and celebrities are also being invited to make live, on-camera and/or pre-recorded pleas, urging the public to support the donate to the environmental cause. Several members of ED50 Live-CCC’s team have provided talent procurement services for hundreds of concerts, tours, humanitarian cause, broadcasts and award shows. Each major venue will feature at least two A-List and one B+ List Artist, along with other regional artists and opening acts. Artists are being invited to compose and contribute songs to suit the theme and the message of the ED50 Live-CCC. Artists are also being invited to contribute ecologically friendly, and Earth friendly songs, not only for their musical performances, but also for inclusion in an ED50 Live-CCC compilation CD / DVD, to be used to generate post-concert sales. Artists often contribute such songs and any revenues generated by them, to the ED50 Live-CCC, and the environmental cause, in exchange for a tax-deduction. Many high-profi le artists may also record together for one or two, We Are The World type environmental rallying songs, and anthems.

We will be providing this on our Blend TV app that can be downloaded via any app store and available on Roku and Amazon Firestick. You can watch the Press conference and see that Ace Media Broadcasting will be listed at one of the only companies worldwide that will be covering this


  1. John K.

    I am truly looking forward to seeing this concert as this corona virus is keeping people from going to concerts, at least we can watch and enjoy the festival and be apart of history.

  1. Josie H

    Finally something that is afforable and a donation where I can be entertained for 24 hours and actually afford a ticket. Not to mention this is a tax deduction globally.

  1. Charlie Voss

    I am happy I saw this advertisement to come and check it out. Looks like all the things I like to watch are all within this platform. Looking forward to the concert and watching some bands that might be one of their last...


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