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Elite Broadcasting Facility

We provide the full broadcast suite and audio recording to produce content on a daily basis. Our system provide direct delivery to our channels and allow a complete workflow for each show that is produced in our facility. We also have multiple sound stage areas to produce multiple shows at once.

Creative Green Screen Designs

We can provide a complete stage design using a green screen to keep budget cost low. Our lighting and audio provide the right touch for shooting any type of news, interview or show that can simply be coverted in minutes to maximize production on a timely basis. Please download our package offering.


We provide a complex integration process to take all productions, live or taped, and process them into our platform allowing us to provide the perfect quality stream to all devices using our platform. We can also transmit the stream to any location provided. We also provide satillite downlink/uplink services.


We provide a professional sound stage that is coupled with all the studio features like, hair and make-up, private lounge, multiple work stations, conference room, production rooms and private areas throughout the facility that will meet any production requirements.