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Elite Broadcasting Facility

We provide the full broadcast suite and audio recording to produce content on a daily basis. Our system provide direct delivery to our channels and allow a complete workflow for each show that is produced in our facility. We also have multiple sound stage areas to produce multiple shows at once.

Creative Green Screen Designs

We can provide a complete stage design using a green screen to keep budget cost low. Our lighting and audio provide the right touch for shooting any type of news, interview or show that can simply be coverted in minutes to maximize production on a timely basis. Please download our package offering.

Various Types of Placement

We provide commercials, banners, pop-ups and more for a complete on screen advertising model that works with every show, news and our documentaries where we place advertising on screen for viewers to clearly see. Being promoted properly will increase awareness and drive consumers to websites, social media and more.

We Make Commercials & Shows

Our facility offers a vast array of projects to be created. From Comemrcials to talk shows we cater and provide the right environment for anyone to produce a solid production to be used on our networks or placed elsewhere. If in need of a commercial, we can help you facilite the right message, produce the filming needed to place the product or service in the right light to ensure attraction. Ace Media Broadcasting is a full production studio with the ability to distribute on our network channels. It is a win win scenario.